Sunday, October 23, 2011

Before pics

8-19-2008 Before braces
You can see the baby tooth that was a shell on top of the adult tooth.


Adult tooth is now completely up but there is a huge permanent gap next to it.

The pictures below are very embarrassing.  They show everything I dislike about my jaw and always try to hide.  When my orthodontist started taking these pics for my records I honestly hated that they even existed.  I never planned on anyone other than my ortho and surgeon ever seeing them.  I finally decided that I was ok that I had them when I saw how much my mouth was changing and getting better because of my braces.  I'm still embarassed that my teeth looked like this and I can't wait until this is all a distant memory.  These pictures show my jaw and smile at its worst and not how it looks to people in everyday life.  I will later add some pictures of me "posturing" my jaw to make it look normal. 






Iit looks like my jaws tilt down on my left now because of my rubberband.

11 mm overjet :(

with upside down V rubberband
resting expression (lips don't touch)
My "good smile" that I try to do for all pics. 
I used to be able to do it more naturally but my smile has changed a lot
 because of the way my braces have moved my jaw.
Big gummy smile I usually try to hide. 
Can't wait until my gummy smile is a distant memory.


  1. I think you are a hottie! Can't wait to see the after picture.

  2. OMG amazing to see the changes can't wait to see the new you! Goodluck! :)

  3. Aw, I love you honey! (jaysonrio) Thank you for still telling me I'm cute during this whole process.

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