Tuesday, January 10, 2012


An awesome thing happened today.... I got my splint out!!  It feels so good to be able to close my mouth and I can't believe my teeth touch now.  :)  The splint romoval process was pretty interesting for me today.  Went to my surgeon's office in the morning and I was super nervous.  They took me to a procedure room in the back and the girl stuck 4 q-tips in my mouth with numbing gel.  After awhile I figured it was numb were she put them and started rubbing them around the other parts of my gums.  She said it would spread but I didn't want to take the chance that she was wrong.  After awhile my surgeon came in and did a couple shots in both my upper and lower jaws to numb them.  My gums were mostly numb and didn't feel the shot but the front of my upper gum wasn't as numb and I felt it.  Ugh.  Then he left the room again for awhile saying he would let it numb me up good.  When he came back he got right to work and I could hear and feel him clipping the wires.  There was a lot of clipping of wires.  The nurse was talking to me about what my labors were like when I had my kids and it was helping to distract me.  We had been talking about our kids before he walked in so she was just finishing the conversation.  I told her that it was helping to distract me and she kept going.  Now I'm really good at talking without moving my mouth so I was able to talk to her while my surgeon continued to clip the wires.  After a lot of clipping he said he was going to be pulling the wires out very quickly and asked me to try to keep as still as I could.  He took his tool and jerked really hard on the wire.  He kept doing this to each wire on my lower jaw.  It seemed like forever.  I could feel my head jerk forward each time and I was happy it didn't hurt.  I could taste blood in my mouth.  I knew it would bleed because my gums were so attached to these wires now there was no way it wouldn't bleed.  The best way to describe what he did is to compare it to opening a new toy.  Not sure if you are familiar but most new toys my kids get are fastened down by wires that are twisted around themselves holding the toy in the perfedt spot in the box.  Well after you untwist it you need to pull it out really fast because it is usually in there really tight.  No matter how curved the wire is when you pull it out really fast it usually ends up straight because it had to go through the hole in the box to get out.  Well, that is what happened to my wires and teeth.  The wires were wrapped around my tooth.  He cut it in front, gripped one side of the wire and pulled really hard and fast, ending with a straight wire.  Sounds like it hurt but I didn't feel it at all.  Just the jerk of my head.  He said I did a really good job of cleaning my splint because usually people have lots of "fur" on their teeth.  Ewww!!  He was surprised that I didn't.  That was a pretty gross visual and I couldn't wait to brush my teeth to make sure he was right.  He told me I could brush my teeth and he would see me in 3 months.  Woo hoo!  I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth forever.  The gumline were wires were just kept bleeding.  I kept sticking my mouth in the cold water to try to get the bleeding to stop.  It mostly did but everytime I brushed my teeth after one stop in my upper front teeth would start over again.  I was very excited to get the splint and wires out but I couldn't feel "normal" yet because I was totally numb from the shots.  Ugh.  I knew it wouldn't last long but couldn't wait for it to go away.

Here are the wires and hardware that was wrapped around my teeth.  Sorry the pic is huge but I don't know how to crop it on my new laptop so big it has to be.   All the wires that are straight were not straight before they came out.  You can see chunks of tissue on some of them.  Ew.  Fun stuff

Here is my fun splint.  This doesn't look as thick as it was in my mouth but it is really thick. 
It is 7mm thick.  That is more than my OS shortened my upper jaw

We went to my ortho's office after so I could get the mold done for the bar they are going to put in my mouth to prevent my jaw from regressing.  My ortho wasn't there but the other Dr in his office was the one I was there to see today.  He took off my wires on my braces and told me he wanted me to be able to brush everything really good and floss.  I have never been so excited to floss.  lol.  I brushed again what seemed like forever and flossed carefully, trying not to start bleeding again.  They took a mold of my upper jaw with the regular mold contraption since I could open my mouth pretty wide.  I think I'm at 33mm now.  I brushed all the extra stuff from the mold when I brushed my teeth again.  He said I had a loose bracket so he replaced it and put my wires back in.  My lower teeth are super sensitive so all that he did hurt.  The drying stuff that tastes gross hurt my tooth, the water to wash it off hurt, pushing the doors on my braces hurt.  Guess the numbness was wearing off because putting the bracket and wires on hurt more than ripping my wires out at my surgeons.  lol.  They ended up steel tying the new bracket to not hurt me more.  Thank goodness.  He measured my overjet and said it was 3mm.  It was 9mm right before surgery so I guess my surgeon pushed my upper jaw back 6mm.  I will be back there Thursday to get my bar bonded on though and then in a month to start my adjustments again.

After we left my husband was dying to take me to eat.  I was a little nervous to try to eat in public but I agreed to try.  We went to Coco's and ordered pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and biscuits and gravy to share.  I couldn't eat the crispy parts of the hashbrowns because they were too dry but I was able to eat everything else.  Not much of it since my stomach is so much smaller now and I get full really fast.  I was able to chew it all.  Actually chew.  I could hear my teeth touching as I chewed.  It wasn't loud but a light tap.  Not sure where they are in my mouth now so they kept touching.  I asked Andy if he can hear his teeth touching when he chews and he said a little but he never thought paid attention before.  I tried to drink orange juice with a straw but I couldn't get it right and I felt a little embarrassed even though no one was looking my way.  I tried to drink out of the glass and was able to do it ok.  Still felt silly though.  After our food we went home and took a nap.  I took some anti-anxiety pills my Dr gave me before I went to my surgeon's office and I was feeling loopy and needed to sleep it off. 

Our friend, Rowena wanted to take us out to lunch so we met her at Olive Garden after we woke up.  I ate soup and lasagna, again not much of it.  I couldn't eat the bread sticks though.  Those are my favorite there so I hope I can sooner than later.  We had a nice visit and she was excited to see me without my splint. After lunch we picked up my girls from school and they were so excited to see my splint was gone.  I told them I was getting it out while they were going to be in school.  My mom was really excited to see me without my splint so we went to her house after we picked up the girls.  She was very happy with the results.  My teeth and gums are really swollen and sore.  The sore gums feel kind of like silly putty.  We hung out and I was exhausted so now I'm relaxing at home happy that I can chew again.  Dr said I should take it easy this week and I should be able to eat a lot more normal foods next week.  :)

Before pics in my surgeon's office.  It was really hard to take these pics because they had already numbed my mouth and I was trying really hard to make my lips smile in the last pic.  lol. 

After splint was taken out
My mouth closed without trying to touch my lips.  They are close but not touching

I can get them to touch but I look a little strained. 

The pics below were taken with me making my lips touch

Just for comparison I am posting my before pic here again.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 40

I can totally feel the edges of my chin and a lot of my lower lip!  The numbness used to go all around my chin and lower lip and a little under my chin.  I can feel the bottom of my chin.  I can feel under my chin, a few mm of the bottom of my chin and a mm or 2 on either side where it used to be numb.  It all used to feel tingly when I touched it and it feels different.  The majority is still numb but it feels like it is less on my whole chin and lower lip.  I can feel the inside of my lower lip and a little bit of the main part of my lower lip.  I can feel my upper lip touching my lower lip when I try to close my mouth.  Also, it doesn't feel strained when I close my lips.  That gives me hope they might touch later.  After surgery when I tried to close my lips I could feel everything strain on my whole lower face down to below my chin.  The skin pulled all around.  It feels more natural now.  Still strained but not nearly as much. 

By the way... tomorrow is the day!!!  I picked up my anti-anxiety pills today and can't wait until it is all over with.  My surgeon said he has to numb my gums to get the metal stuff off my lower jaw so I'm not sure how long that will last before I can eat.  I will post what happens tomorrow night so I don't forget any of it.  Wish me luck!!  :)


Day 39

I felt around the back of my mouth and realized that I didn't feel any stitches.  I looked in the mirror with a flashlight and nothing was back there.  My husband said he could see the little holes were they were but no stitches.  Guess I swallowed them.  Don't know when but I didn't see them when they came out.  I don't remember when the last day I felt for them was.  I tried to look at the stitches on my upper jaw above my gums to see if they were gone too.  They were still there.  I was able to lift my upper lip all around to see all of my stitches really good.  I am going to take a video of my stitches and my splint and metal sculpture on my lower teeth before they all go away in.... 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!  Tuesday can't come soon enough.  :)  Othere than exploring my mouth I did absolutely nothing all day.  It was awesome.  The kids played outside with their friends and only came in the house to eat lunch.  Andy and I laid in bed and watched mindless tv all day.  Last weekend to do that because I can't wait to get out of the house and back to normal.   We are usually very busy and always doing something fun with the kids.  Soon.  :)

My mouth relaxed

Trying to close my mouth.  Only moving my lower lip. 
I think it will close more once this splint and all the extra metal is out.  Still have muscle weakness in the lower part of my face so it might be even better once I work those muscles longer. 

Day 38

Lots of tingling and the bug crawling feeling today. Today was interesting because I had to go to my grandma's to see my great uncle that I haven't seen in 15 years.  Ugh.  This is EXACTLY how I wanted to look to see relatives I haven't seen in years.  Ugh!!!  Oh well.  It was a nice visit but I pretty much sat there quiet listening to the converstion going on around me.  My aunts, uncles, grandma and mom were all there too.  Funny thing was that my husband mentioned that I had jaw surgery to my Aunt and Uncle when they walked toward me to hug me hello but they didn't acknowledge what he said.  I was ok with that but I thought it was weird that they sat in the room hanging out talking to everyone for at least an hour before they asked me about the fun going on in my mouth.  It felt weird that they were ignoring the elephant in the room for so long.  It would have made me feel better to ask about it right away and then move on.  We ate lunch together which meant I went to another room to eat.  It was bad enough sitting there.  I didn't want to let them witness how silly I look when I eat.  Still using my syringe for liquids and I ate some mashed potatoes too.  I lean my head back to let the mashed potatoes drop in my mouth so I don't get too much stuck in my splint.  Well, it is over now and it could have been worse.  lol.

3 more days!!!

Day 37

Last night I had a lot of itching in my lower lip and chin.  It feels so weird.  Actually it feels like a little bug is quickly crawling on my lip or chin.  You know when you think you feel something on you and you quickly brush your hand on it to get it off?  Well that is what it feels like.  Freaks me out everytime.  I had that same feeling on and off all day today too.  Haven't felt the zings, like needles for awhile.  My upper and lower lips both quiver at times.  I can't catch it but I think if I was looking in a mirror when I felt it I might see it move.  It feels that strong that I think it has to be something you can see. 

I still have the earache occasionally.  Mostly at night.  It is inside my ear and sometimes I feel it right in front of my ear.  So uncomfortable.

My lower gums are bothering me.  The metal stuff all over my lower teeth, around my gums wiggles everytime I brush my teeth.  Things get stuck there and I have to really brush good but it is a gross feeling to feel it wiggle back and forth between my teeth.  Also it looks like my gums are growing around the wires on them.  So not cool.  I can't wait to get this stuff off my teeth.

One very cool thing is that I can take my pants off without unbuttoning them or unzipping them.  :)  I needed to lose weight anyway and just didn't want to do it before my surgery.  Never took off the baby weight with my youngest and I thought this surgery would be the jumpstart I needed to get it off.  I know most people gain their weight back after they get to eat but I plan on going on a diet once I can eat again.  I won't be as hard to do it since I had to eliminate soooo much because of my splint so anything I can eat now will be awesome, even diet food.  :)

Almost forgot to add the best part..... I get my splint out Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My ortho office sent me a text confirming my appointment so Tuesday it is!!!  I am a little freaked out thinking of the process needed to take all this stuff out.  I called my dentist and asked him for the nice anti-anxiety pills he gave me for my root canal last year.  I was so relaxed I didn't care what he was doing in my mouth.  Thank goodness he said he would prescribe them to me to use on Tuesday.  Freaked out but so excited to get it over with.  Haven't decided what my first meal will be. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 36

I talked too much today.  My face kind of hurts in my jaw joints.  I also had my earache again tonight.  It was episodes of shooting pain in my ear more times than I would have liked.  I talked to my friend for almost an hour on the phone.  Both of us going back and forth but apparently my face decided it was too long.  Not sure if that is what brought on the ear stuff but I'm not talking much now since it hurts at the moment. 

I had a great day other than my face hurting at the end of the night.  My cleaning lady came.  That always makes for an awesome day.  My friend Gloria, she is the one one that made the awesome potato cheese soup, brought me beans she made.  They were sooooo good.  I had to mash them up but they were full of flavor.  It was so nice to actually taste something.  Most things I put in my mouth and swallow don't taste like anything.  I have tried mac n cheese and eggs and they don't taste like anything really.  When you eat you chew up your food and mix it with your saliva and taste the flavors on your tongue.  I just put it on the back of my tongue and swallow it because I don't want it to get stuck in my splint.  Apparently flavor isn't worth the mess of cleaning crap out of my splint. 

Went to my mom's after I ate her yummy beans and my mom made me au gratin potatoes that I was able to mash up and swallow.  My grandma was worried about my lack of vitamins due to my limited diet and was so sweet and made me homemade veggie soup.  I was so full from all the beans and potatoes that I couldn't try the soup yet but I can't wait to.  By the way, my stomach can not hold any amount of food compared to presurgery.  I fill up so fast now.  I really am not hungry at all most of the time.  I just eat because I am bored or because I realize I probably should.  In total I am still at 24 lbs weight loss and staying there at the moment.  I would love to lose more since I never finished taking off my baby weight from my son.  I figured there was not point in starving myself before my surgery when I knew I was going to be on a liquid/no chew diet for 6 weeks.  Who would have thought it was going to take so long to get to the point where I was ready for surgery.  Even with all my beans and potatoes I ate tonight it was not much food at all compared to the calories a normal person has. 

Ohh, I almost forgot to add that my chin feels different.  When I touch my chin it has a different feeling.  It feels like a whole piece again.  Not the layers I was feeling before.  It is so hard to describe but any different feeling is awesome.  Can't wait until it is back to normal again.  Earlier today I was opening my mouth wide today and I felt the fun metal sculpture wrapped around my bottom teeth kind of stab the inside of my lower lip.  It hurt.  The good thing was that it hurt.  I could feel it stab me.  I also can feel my splint touching the lower right teeth for the first time.  Awhile ago I could feel the left side touching my teeth but not the right and I'm happy I can feel both of them touch.  Can't feel the front yet.  Before my surgery I had to shift my jaw to one side for my teeth to touch and shift them to the other side for those to touch.  My left and right low teeth couldn't touch my upper teeth at the same time.  Today I attempted to close my mouth and My left lower teeth touched my upper left teeth AND my right lower teeth touched my right upper teeth at the same time!  So weird.  My front teeth felt like they did before surgery so they must still be numb.  My front teeth always stuck out so much it was never an option to get them to touch any teeth.  It will be so weird to feel everything touch at the same time.  I read a lot about people needing to learn how to chew again after they are ok'd to eat normal food again.  Funny thing is I had to ask my husband if he bites his food with his front teeth since that is something I haven't done.  I might have when I was younger before my jaw decided to be jacked up but not as long as I can remember.  I always used to tear my food with my first molars.  I would get the food all the way to the side of my mouth to bite it.  See all the things people with normal jaws take for granted.  lol.  Hope I figure out how to chew quick.  :)

Fyi... Still didn't get a call from my ortho's office.  Hope we are still good for Tues.  :)  (knock on wood)  :) :) :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 35

My ear has been on and off hurting like I have an ear ache.  I read on a jaw surgery blog that some people get ear aches after surgery but I didn't read why.  Not sure if that is why I feel it but I'm not a fan.  It isn't that often but when it comes it sucks.  It is a sharp pain in my ear, sometimes right in front of my ear by my jaw joint. 

The girls helped me straighten up the house tonight because my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, thank goodness.  lol.  I finally was able to do my normal cleaning.  I love that I'm able to bend over without feeling dizzy or the blood rush to my face.  I love that I can fold laundry without feeling like my arms went through a marathon after.  I love being able to talk and be more understandable.  Hope that drastically improves once the splint comes out.  Glad to be so far in this process now and have almost all the sucky stuff behind me.

You can still see the spot he stitched for my lower jaw screws.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 34 update on splint removal....

I was sooo worried that there wasn't going to be as much effort as I would like to get my splint removal appointment moved to the 10th so I decided to try to help it along as much as I could.  I went to my ortho's office first thing so I could try to see if they could squeeze me in on the 10th.  I was able to talk to one of the girls in the office and she wasn't sure if it would work with their super limited schedule for that week.  I guess the office is short a girl in the back, the office is closed that Monday and non of the Drs are in on Friday.  I was pretty much asking for a miracle to fit me in.  They don't usually have that crazy of a schedule but of course next week is the exception, lucky me. 

I didn't want to post anything sooner because I didn't want to jinx anything but at the moment it looks like I might get my splint off the 10th!!!!   Woo hoo!!  When they booked my appts she told me that she didn't know if this would be ok with my ortho and she would have to email him since he wasn't working that day.  She said she was going to keep my appts for the following week in case.  Well, she hasn't called to cancel the 10th yet, knock on wood, so I'm hoping that means I am good to go.  :) :) :)  I don't want to call the office to confirm I am good on the 10th because I don't want to remind them in case.  lol.  Silly but you don't think like an adult when you want to get this stupid thing out of your mouth.  :)   Cross your fingers I don't get some last min call updating me with sucky news.

Look I can almost close my lips! 
 I have been doing lots of fun facial expressions trying to help my face get back to normal. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 33

Saw my surgeon for my weekly appointment today.  I figured he would say no but I asked him if he might consider me getting my splint out 2 days before I hit 6 weeks.  I was shocked that he said yes.  Still not sure if it will happen but so happy that it is even a possibility.   Last week he told me I was going to get my splint out on Jan 17th, which is 5 days after I hit 6 weeks, and I left his office disheartened.  I really hope my ortho can fit me in on Jan 10th.  If he can see me that day my surgeon will let me get my splint off the 10th instead of the 17th.  That would be sooooo awesome.  I really hope it happens but I need to stop myself from getting too excited at the possibility because it might not work out.  I will find out when my ortho opens tomorrow.  We'll see... 

Came home and did absolutely nothing while the kids played outside with the neighbors.  Andy was off today so we just laid around and watched the Rose Parade and movies together. 

Even though my chin and lower lip are totally numb I can make my lips do this.  Couldn't do this a few days ago so glad for the progress.  I don't notice my lower lip and chin are numb except when I talk.  I can feel my skin pulling tight on my chin. 
This is one of the exercises I do to try to get my face back to normal.

This is how wide I can open my mouth at the moment.  30mm.  Dr wants me to keep streching my mouth to get it to open wider.  My chin pulls really tight and my jaw joints hurt a little when I open my mouth like this.  He said not to open it so wide that it hurts but stop just before. 

For the friends of mine reading this blog, sorry for the weird pics but I made this blog for future jaw surgery patients to see exactly what jaw surgery entails. 

Day 32 and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!  Trying to focus on the positive stuff right now.  Feeling a little better.  It really helps to get the sucky stuff out and try to not think about it.  We took the kids to the movies, with my scarf of course, and then went to my aunt's house for a big family lunch.  We usually have New Year's Day lunch at my house but I was happy my aunt decided to host since I don't want to have to clean up for company right now.  My mom made me my milk gravy and my grandma made stuffing as a side for lunch.  I was able to eat the stuffing but some of it was a little chunkier than I thought and got stuck behind my two front teeth and my splint.  I always brush my teeth as soon as I finish eating and I knew something was stuck as soon as I started brushing my teeth.  It would not come out.  It is soooo annoying to get stuff stuck behind those two teeth.  Thank goodness my mom gave me a portable waterpik that I carry around with me.  I usually can put it at the tiny gaps between my front four teeth and it will shoot onto my tongue and I can spit it out.  I tried to do that and it would not come out.  I tried a couple times and still nothing.  I was able to turn the waterpik nozzle around and spray from behind my teeth.  Did that a couple times and it finally came out.  I will post a pic of the waterpik.  Don't know where she got it from but I couldn't eat without it.  It seriously drives me crazy when I get something stuck behind my teeth and my splint.  I highly recommend looking for one if you are having surgery.  You need to ask your Dr when you can use a waterpik though because they all have different recommendations on when you can start using it.  Mine said I could use one the first week of surgery. 

My nostrils hurt sometimes.  My surgeon stitched them down during the surgery and they killed the first 2 weeks after surgery but only every once in awhile since then. 

Kind of gross but I finally was able to lift my upper lip up enough to see more stitches.  This picture doesn't do justice to how gross it looks in person but I was glad I was able to get a pic of it.

You can see the neat close stitches my Dr did.  Those stitches attached my soft tissue, lip area, back to my gums.  If you lift your upper lip all the way you will see where he cut it all to do my upper jaw surgery.  He told me they are like that across my whole upper jaw, from my back molar all the way across my jaw to my other back molar and up each side of my mouth a little.  I wish I could get a pic of the back of my mouth.  You can see a lot of stitches from the upper and lower areas.  Also this pic doesn't show all the ones right in the middle of my lip and gums.  There are more there and they hurt when I smile too big or laugh.  I can feel them pulling my skin.  Also, this is the first time I am able to lift my lip this much.  My upper lip is becoming more pliable and trying to go back to normal. 

Day 31 and smile comparison

I am 4 weeks post op and am having a really hard time. I cry at the slightest thing and this is totally not me. I am so tired of not being able to close my mouth. I'm tired of not eating. I'm tired of having this giant splint in my mouth. I'm tired of not getting to do anything fun with my kids. I'm tired of not being able to talk normal. I am so sensitive and feel like I look like a freak right now and I hate to go out in public but I'm sick of sitting trapped at home. I am normally a very happy person that tries to look at the positive in everything but that is so hard right now. I'm always on the go doing fun activities with my kids and I feel so trapped right now.  :(  It sounds silly but part of it is because I don't have any control over any of the things I listed above.  I hope these feelings pass soon because I don't like feeling like this.

Today I went with my husband to meet some of his friends and I wasn't sure if I should go.  They are guys and even though they know me I was worried they would be weirded out by how I sound and the splint in my mouth.  Plus they were going to eat so I would look stupid just sitting there, quiet.  I won't eat in front of most people because I look kind of silly eating.  I have to tilt my head back to put anything in my mouth so it doesn't fall or pour out since I can't close my mouth.   Against my better judgement I went.  It ended up being a mistake.  His friends like to joke around and I got overly sensitive to something one of them said.  I wasn't talking much while we were there.  One of the times I tried to talk one of the guys said, "I think we need a translator."  I stopped talking and just looked at him stunned.  I could feel that I was going to cry.  I didn't want to cry but I knew I couldn't not cry.  I turned my head into my husband's shoulder and just started sobbing.  Everyone sat there silent not sure what to do.  My husband was trying to comfort me but I couldn't stop crying.  I wanted to run away and hide back in my room again.  :(  I know he was being silly and didn't mean anything by it but I am very self conscious right now and I didn't need any jokes being said about me.  My husband ended up giving me the keys to the car and I spent the rest of their lunch watching a movie in our van.  I text my husband that I didn't want him to hurry or it would make me feel worse.  His friend tried to text me a nice apology but I wasn't in the mood to see him or any of them at the moment.  I text him back that I was self consious about how I look and sound and it was not the best time for any jokes.  I felt bad that I made him feel bad but I am so over everything right now.  I know I over reacted but like I said above, I'm totally not feeling like myself right now.

After we left his friends we picked up our kids from my moms and went to see the Rose Parade floats being made for the parade.  My husband used to work for one of the float companies when he was younger and we go every year so he can say hi to his past coworkers and so we can see how awesome the floats look getting made.  It was a nice visit.  I held my scarf in front of my mouth and felt totally comfortable walking around like that.

We usually go out to a huge event near our house for New Year's Eve every year but decided against it tonight.  I was tired and kind of afraid that it would be too cold for my face.  We let the kids stay up until 9pm so they could celebrate the East Coast New Year.  They all drank sparkling apple cider in champange glasses and yelled "Happy New Year!"   This last week has sucked most of the time and I am so ready for the sucky times to be over.  One good thing that happened today was that I took a picture of me smiling to see if there was a difference... and there was. :)  Still don't look natural smiling but so much better than before surgery and Day 19.  Will post pics to compare below.  :)  By the way, my new year will start as soon as I have this splint out of my mouth.  Soon and I can't wait.

Our tour of the Rose Parade floats

Our mini sparkling cider bottles.  The kids loved it. 

Compare my smiles in the 3 pictures below.  :)  Can't wait to see what my smile ends up looking like.

Before surgery
Day 19 smile

Day 31 smile

Day 31 pics
finally felt up to putting some eye makeup on. 

Can't wait for 2012 to be a great year.