Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 38

Lots of tingling and the bug crawling feeling today. Today was interesting because I had to go to my grandma's to see my great uncle that I haven't seen in 15 years.  Ugh.  This is EXACTLY how I wanted to look to see relatives I haven't seen in years.  Ugh!!!  Oh well.  It was a nice visit but I pretty much sat there quiet listening to the converstion going on around me.  My aunts, uncles, grandma and mom were all there too.  Funny thing was that my husband mentioned that I had jaw surgery to my Aunt and Uncle when they walked toward me to hug me hello but they didn't acknowledge what he said.  I was ok with that but I thought it was weird that they sat in the room hanging out talking to everyone for at least an hour before they asked me about the fun going on in my mouth.  It felt weird that they were ignoring the elephant in the room for so long.  It would have made me feel better to ask about it right away and then move on.  We ate lunch together which meant I went to another room to eat.  It was bad enough sitting there.  I didn't want to let them witness how silly I look when I eat.  Still using my syringe for liquids and I ate some mashed potatoes too.  I lean my head back to let the mashed potatoes drop in my mouth so I don't get too much stuck in my splint.  Well, it is over now and it could have been worse.  lol.

3 more days!!!


  1. Jenni your pics look great. Excited you are regaining feeling! Why are you still using a syringe? Is it due to the splint? Just curious. :-)

  2. Yes, I can't close my mouh to swallow. It is like trying to drink with you mouth open. I can drink from a cup if I tip my head back but I usually spill on my neck. Can't wait to be done with that syringe today. :) thanks about my pics. Your swelling is going down a lot quicker than mine. Glad that ended up not being a hole. I was freaking out for you. Lol