Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 33

Saw my surgeon for my weekly appointment today.  I figured he would say no but I asked him if he might consider me getting my splint out 2 days before I hit 6 weeks.  I was shocked that he said yes.  Still not sure if it will happen but so happy that it is even a possibility.   Last week he told me I was going to get my splint out on Jan 17th, which is 5 days after I hit 6 weeks, and I left his office disheartened.  I really hope my ortho can fit me in on Jan 10th.  If he can see me that day my surgeon will let me get my splint off the 10th instead of the 17th.  That would be sooooo awesome.  I really hope it happens but I need to stop myself from getting too excited at the possibility because it might not work out.  I will find out when my ortho opens tomorrow.  We'll see... 

Came home and did absolutely nothing while the kids played outside with the neighbors.  Andy was off today so we just laid around and watched the Rose Parade and movies together. 

Even though my chin and lower lip are totally numb I can make my lips do this.  Couldn't do this a few days ago so glad for the progress.  I don't notice my lower lip and chin are numb except when I talk.  I can feel my skin pulling tight on my chin. 
This is one of the exercises I do to try to get my face back to normal.

This is how wide I can open my mouth at the moment.  30mm.  Dr wants me to keep streching my mouth to get it to open wider.  My chin pulls really tight and my jaw joints hurt a little when I open my mouth like this.  He said not to open it so wide that it hurts but stop just before. 

For the friends of mine reading this blog, sorry for the weird pics but I made this blog for future jaw surgery patients to see exactly what jaw surgery entails. 


  1. You look great! Stay strong! That splint is there to help you, though I can't imagine having it in for 6+ weeks!

    You have a lot of responsibilities and I have always looked at you as an example when I felt I couldn't handle my recovery. Thank you.

  2. Aw, you are too sweet!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. You don't know how much they mean to me. :)

  3. Jenn - so what's the word, will you be able to get the dreaded splint out early? Yours looks different than mine, it's much bigger. Mine is super annoying so I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be for you. Only a few more days to go, woo-hoo!!

    You said your lip and chin numbness isn't noticeable until you try to talk. Have you mastered eating without getting food on yourself? I have not but could use some tips if you have any. For now, I'm using my upper teeth to guide my spoon. It gets a little easier day by day as I'm able to slowly open a little more. I just wipe my face after each bite.

    Also, are you still getting those tingles? My lip and chin are constantly numb feeling although no sharp pains or zings or anything like that. Just very light tingles.

    You're looking really great and more and more like yourself in your most recent pics. I am so happy for you as things start to turn around! I bet you'll feel so much better after you get the splint removed!

  4. You look good!!! I can't wait to see you in person! Love the hairband/bow by the way ;)

  5. Jen you are looking great! Your recovery seems to be going so well. Can't wait to find out if you can get the splint out on the 10th!

  6. Knock on wood but it looks like the splint removal might happen on the 10th. Woo hoo! Hope it works out. Yes, this thing is super thick and annoying. Way bigger than any of the ones I on the jaw surgery blog. Lucky me. lol

    I kind of sit back when I'm eating and put a paper towel on my chest just in case. I don't get that much on it anymore and I don't need to wipe my face with every bite anymore. I think sitting at an angle helps me. Ohh and I lean my head back with each bite to try to avoid getting too much food in my splint. That helps a lot too. lol. I can open my mouth 30mm but Dr says I need to keep streching it.

    I mostly get the zings at night. Some are really noticable and others are super faint. Some days I don't feel them at all.

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words. As you know this process is definately sucky at times and I can't wait to get to the final results and have this all be behind me. Can't wait to get this splint out. :)

  7. @ jennifer~ aw, thanks!! I can't wait to hang out again too. It has been too long!! Thanks about my hairband. Andy thought it looked silly but i loved it when I found it at a boutique and that night I just wanted my stray hair out of the way so I put it on. :)

    @ Mama Sadie Bell~ Thanks!! Your kind words really mean a lot. :) Knock on wood, it looks like it really might happen on the 10th. Crossing my fingers it does. By the way, my maiden name was Bell so maybe we are related. lol

  8. I love your picture at 9 weeks. I have similar problems that you were having. I had my surgery on March 26th 2012. I had Lefort 1 with impaction. My Lower jaw was moved forward with genioplastie. I am 12 days post up. The recovery has being hard, as I have three kids. I have being drooling excessivelly. Just yesterday I was trying to help me daughter put on her ballet clothes and I drooled all over her. She felt disgusted and I felt like a dog. I also have a splint in my mouth. Did you find the splint made you drool more. I also find I have no control over my lips and my lips are not touching at all. Did you find when you removed the splint it made a difference on your lips touching? I feel like a fish right now. Do you have any recnt pictures?