Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 35

My ear has been on and off hurting like I have an ear ache.  I read on a jaw surgery blog that some people get ear aches after surgery but I didn't read why.  Not sure if that is why I feel it but I'm not a fan.  It isn't that often but when it comes it sucks.  It is a sharp pain in my ear, sometimes right in front of my ear by my jaw joint. 

The girls helped me straighten up the house tonight because my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, thank goodness.  lol.  I finally was able to do my normal cleaning.  I love that I'm able to bend over without feeling dizzy or the blood rush to my face.  I love that I can fold laundry without feeling like my arms went through a marathon after.  I love being able to talk and be more understandable.  Hope that drastically improves once the splint comes out.  Glad to be so far in this process now and have almost all the sucky stuff behind me.

You can still see the spot he stitched for my lower jaw screws.  

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