Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 37

Last night I had a lot of itching in my lower lip and chin.  It feels so weird.  Actually it feels like a little bug is quickly crawling on my lip or chin.  You know when you think you feel something on you and you quickly brush your hand on it to get it off?  Well that is what it feels like.  Freaks me out everytime.  I had that same feeling on and off all day today too.  Haven't felt the zings, like needles for awhile.  My upper and lower lips both quiver at times.  I can't catch it but I think if I was looking in a mirror when I felt it I might see it move.  It feels that strong that I think it has to be something you can see. 

I still have the earache occasionally.  Mostly at night.  It is inside my ear and sometimes I feel it right in front of my ear.  So uncomfortable.

My lower gums are bothering me.  The metal stuff all over my lower teeth, around my gums wiggles everytime I brush my teeth.  Things get stuck there and I have to really brush good but it is a gross feeling to feel it wiggle back and forth between my teeth.  Also it looks like my gums are growing around the wires on them.  So not cool.  I can't wait to get this stuff off my teeth.

One very cool thing is that I can take my pants off without unbuttoning them or unzipping them.  :)  I needed to lose weight anyway and just didn't want to do it before my surgery.  Never took off the baby weight with my youngest and I thought this surgery would be the jumpstart I needed to get it off.  I know most people gain their weight back after they get to eat but I plan on going on a diet once I can eat again.  I won't be as hard to do it since I had to eliminate soooo much because of my splint so anything I can eat now will be awesome, even diet food.  :)

Almost forgot to add the best part..... I get my splint out Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My ortho office sent me a text confirming my appointment so Tuesday it is!!!  I am a little freaked out thinking of the process needed to take all this stuff out.  I called my dentist and asked him for the nice anti-anxiety pills he gave me for my root canal last year.  I was so relaxed I didn't care what he was doing in my mouth.  Thank goodness he said he would prescribe them to me to use on Tuesday.  Freaked out but so excited to get it over with.  Haven't decided what my first meal will be. 

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