Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 36

I talked too much today.  My face kind of hurts in my jaw joints.  I also had my earache again tonight.  It was episodes of shooting pain in my ear more times than I would have liked.  I talked to my friend for almost an hour on the phone.  Both of us going back and forth but apparently my face decided it was too long.  Not sure if that is what brought on the ear stuff but I'm not talking much now since it hurts at the moment. 

I had a great day other than my face hurting at the end of the night.  My cleaning lady came.  That always makes for an awesome day.  My friend Gloria, she is the one one that made the awesome potato cheese soup, brought me beans she made.  They were sooooo good.  I had to mash them up but they were full of flavor.  It was so nice to actually taste something.  Most things I put in my mouth and swallow don't taste like anything.  I have tried mac n cheese and eggs and they don't taste like anything really.  When you eat you chew up your food and mix it with your saliva and taste the flavors on your tongue.  I just put it on the back of my tongue and swallow it because I don't want it to get stuck in my splint.  Apparently flavor isn't worth the mess of cleaning crap out of my splint. 

Went to my mom's after I ate her yummy beans and my mom made me au gratin potatoes that I was able to mash up and swallow.  My grandma was worried about my lack of vitamins due to my limited diet and was so sweet and made me homemade veggie soup.  I was so full from all the beans and potatoes that I couldn't try the soup yet but I can't wait to.  By the way, my stomach can not hold any amount of food compared to presurgery.  I fill up so fast now.  I really am not hungry at all most of the time.  I just eat because I am bored or because I realize I probably should.  In total I am still at 24 lbs weight loss and staying there at the moment.  I would love to lose more since I never finished taking off my baby weight from my son.  I figured there was not point in starving myself before my surgery when I knew I was going to be on a liquid/no chew diet for 6 weeks.  Who would have thought it was going to take so long to get to the point where I was ready for surgery.  Even with all my beans and potatoes I ate tonight it was not much food at all compared to the calories a normal person has. 

Ohh, I almost forgot to add that my chin feels different.  When I touch my chin it has a different feeling.  It feels like a whole piece again.  Not the layers I was feeling before.  It is so hard to describe but any different feeling is awesome.  Can't wait until it is back to normal again.  Earlier today I was opening my mouth wide today and I felt the fun metal sculpture wrapped around my bottom teeth kind of stab the inside of my lower lip.  It hurt.  The good thing was that it hurt.  I could feel it stab me.  I also can feel my splint touching the lower right teeth for the first time.  Awhile ago I could feel the left side touching my teeth but not the right and I'm happy I can feel both of them touch.  Can't feel the front yet.  Before my surgery I had to shift my jaw to one side for my teeth to touch and shift them to the other side for those to touch.  My left and right low teeth couldn't touch my upper teeth at the same time.  Today I attempted to close my mouth and My left lower teeth touched my upper left teeth AND my right lower teeth touched my right upper teeth at the same time!  So weird.  My front teeth felt like they did before surgery so they must still be numb.  My front teeth always stuck out so much it was never an option to get them to touch any teeth.  It will be so weird to feel everything touch at the same time.  I read a lot about people needing to learn how to chew again after they are ok'd to eat normal food again.  Funny thing is I had to ask my husband if he bites his food with his front teeth since that is something I haven't done.  I might have when I was younger before my jaw decided to be jacked up but not as long as I can remember.  I always used to tear my food with my first molars.  I would get the food all the way to the side of my mouth to bite it.  See all the things people with normal jaws take for granted.  lol.  Hope I figure out how to chew quick.  :)

Fyi... Still didn't get a call from my ortho's office.  Hope we are still good for Tues.  :)  (knock on wood)  :) :) :)


  1. Wow that's amazing how you used to have to chew before!Wonder what it will be like once you're able to eat and chew like you shoudl have been if it wasn't for your jaw issue? Might get some getting used to. I def. think you look different int hese pictures might be the combo of weight lose and your new look! Congrats on 24 pounds lost. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your blog. :)

  2. Jenn, I will be learning how to bite with my front teeth and chew right along with you. I had an open bite for my whole life and always had to tear food with my premolars. It feels weird in a good way to feel all of my teeth touching the splint. I had to ask my husband the other day how he closed his mouth when he's laying down because it's not as easy to close my jaws when I lay down. My jaws close a little differently when I lay down and I was worried that something was wrong - turns out his do, too, and he just never thought about it.

    I'm glad your feeling is starting to come back and that you can almost close your mouth. It's nice to see the smile on your face reach your eyes. :-)

    Fingers crossed that you get your splint out on Tuesday!

  3. Hi! Your results are actually amazing :O Though it has completely and utterly terrified me to say the least! :P i think I'm worried about it all! the pain, even the IV drip, mines due in the summer but good grief its scary! yours honestly looks amazing and i think you're so brave! :D x

  4. do you get your splint removed tuesday?? hope so!!!

  5. thanks lucinda. :)

    i will be learning how to chew with you. hope we catch on quick. lol. thanks baligirl. :) so excited that i am going to get my splint out on tues. can't wait to get it over with.

    aw, thanks so much xosophie!!! that is so sweet of you. :) i did have some pain but it wasn't as bad as you would think it should feel. the worst pain i had was when i laughed, smiled or cried. don't do those. it is horrible. i hate getting an iv too. hope you get a good nurse and she goes quick. it will be so worth it though. everytime i smile and don't see my gums it makes me so happy. it is something i have hated for so long and it is surreal that they are gone now. you will love your results. good luck!!

    braced blogger~ yes i do!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo excited!! freaking out about the process to get everything out but i can't wait to get it over with. :)

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