Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 40

I can totally feel the edges of my chin and a lot of my lower lip!  The numbness used to go all around my chin and lower lip and a little under my chin.  I can feel the bottom of my chin.  I can feel under my chin, a few mm of the bottom of my chin and a mm or 2 on either side where it used to be numb.  It all used to feel tingly when I touched it and it feels different.  The majority is still numb but it feels like it is less on my whole chin and lower lip.  I can feel the inside of my lower lip and a little bit of the main part of my lower lip.  I can feel my upper lip touching my lower lip when I try to close my mouth.  Also, it doesn't feel strained when I close my lips.  That gives me hope they might touch later.  After surgery when I tried to close my lips I could feel everything strain on my whole lower face down to below my chin.  The skin pulled all around.  It feels more natural now.  Still strained but not nearly as much. 

By the way... tomorrow is the day!!!  I picked up my anti-anxiety pills today and can't wait until it is all over with.  My surgeon said he has to numb my gums to get the metal stuff off my lower jaw so I'm not sure how long that will last before I can eat.  I will post what happens tomorrow night so I don't forget any of it.  Wish me luck!!  :)



  1. Jenn - that totally makes sense eating through a syringe if you can't close your mouth to swallow, duh! I didn't think of that. I'm so excited that you're getting it removed today, yippee!!! I know how much of a pain it is but I think it's been worse for you than me as I can close my mouth with the one I have. It's only on my upper teeth and it's not as big. I think they attached mine with wires to the brackets and taking it out looks like it should be simple. I hope they don't have to numb me because I'm numb enough haha! What sort of anti anxiety meds did you get? I need some of those!

  2. thanks for being excited with me. :) I took a valium, visiral (sp?) and demerol. My dentist gave them to me when I had my root canal last year to help me be calm. I was thrilled when he said yes when I asked him if I could have them for my splint removal. I went to him because I only needed one pill of each and he specializes in fearful patients so he is used to this. I didn't think my surgeon would prescribe me one pill. When do you get your splint out?

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