Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 34 update on splint removal....

I was sooo worried that there wasn't going to be as much effort as I would like to get my splint removal appointment moved to the 10th so I decided to try to help it along as much as I could.  I went to my ortho's office first thing so I could try to see if they could squeeze me in on the 10th.  I was able to talk to one of the girls in the office and she wasn't sure if it would work with their super limited schedule for that week.  I guess the office is short a girl in the back, the office is closed that Monday and non of the Drs are in on Friday.  I was pretty much asking for a miracle to fit me in.  They don't usually have that crazy of a schedule but of course next week is the exception, lucky me. 

I didn't want to post anything sooner because I didn't want to jinx anything but at the moment it looks like I might get my splint off the 10th!!!!   Woo hoo!!  When they booked my appts she told me that she didn't know if this would be ok with my ortho and she would have to email him since he wasn't working that day.  She said she was going to keep my appts for the following week in case.  Well, she hasn't called to cancel the 10th yet, knock on wood, so I'm hoping that means I am good to go.  :) :) :)  I don't want to call the office to confirm I am good on the 10th because I don't want to remind them in case.  lol.  Silly but you don't think like an adult when you want to get this stupid thing out of your mouth.  :)   Cross your fingers I don't get some last min call updating me with sucky news.

Look I can almost close my lips! 
 I have been doing lots of fun facial expressions trying to help my face get back to normal. 

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