Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ready for Surgery

Surgery in 2 more days and I had my pre op appt with my surgeon today. I was actually surprised at what he told me he is going to do during my surgey. I was told I have a 10-11mm overjet and a super gummy smile at the start of this process. My surgeon has said from the start he was going to pull my lower jaw forward and push my upper jaw back, up and spread it out with a 3 or 4 piece Le Fort 1. I was never told any measurements until my model appt when my surgeon said he was going to push it up 5 mm but i think he was just talking out loud.
Well, tonight he showed me the molds he did surgey on and they looked awesome!!! I am so excited they actually look like a normal jaw. Wish I could see what how my face is going to turn out but I'm thrilled with the possible results of my jaws. My surgeon told me he did the surgey on my upper jaw first and decided I could have a 2 piece Le Fort 1 instead of 3 or 4 pieces. My braces have widen my upper jaw some and I was happy they helped so much. He also said that after he widen my molds with the 2 piece Le Fort 1 my lower jaw mold actually had a 3mm underbite. Have you ever heard of someone having an overjet AND underbite????  He said that since my upper jaw was down too much when he made it 5 mm shorter and moved it back it allowed my lower jaw to close more and that is when he saw the underbite. I missed how much he is going to move my upper jaw back but he is now going to also move my lower jaw back too. Crazy. I was also under the impression that my surgery was going to be about 6 hours but he told me tonight it might be as short as 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours but could take 6 depending on how everything goes. I'm still not nervous yet. I think I am too excited, especially seeing my mold outcome.

My Dr used this contraption minus the molds to measure my head and different points of my face to see where to put my molds when he did the mock surgery.  Pretty weird. 

The gel looking part is where he is going to cut my jaw.
The gel looking part here is the area he cut and spread to widen my upper jaw.


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