Monday, December 5, 2011

Surgery Day!!!

I'm going to back track a little since I was a little distracted by my face to update this until now. 
Wednesday night, the night before my surgery, Andy and I went to my ortho to get my surgical hooks put on.  We were surprised to be told that my surgeon didn't want my ortho to put surgical hooks on.  He didn't need them for my surgery.  Now I wish he would have used them because what he used instead is worse.  I'll explain later.  My ortho and his staff were very excited for me to finally be ready for surgery.  I really love his office.  He really cares and so does his staff.  They each gave me a hug and said they would be praying for me.  Andy and I then went to get some last min things for my surgery and went home.  Everyone was in bed and Andy and I were hanging out when we heard Laurel, my 6 year old, getting sick in her room.  As if I wasn't stressed enough to be having major surgery in a couple hours, now we had a puking little girl that I couldn't help because I couldn't get exposed to whatever she had.   Ugh.  Really!!  Now?!  Andy got her settled in the front room and we went to bed. 

The next morning I still wasn't nervous.  I kept waiting for it to hit me but it still didn't seem real.  I gave the kids hugs and tried not to be upset.  I didn't want them to worry.  Kira, my 8 year old, came after me and was crying.  I told her everything was going to be fine and I would need her help when I got home from the hospital in a few days.  It was so hard to leave them.

We got to the hospital and they took me to a pre-op room.  They let my family come hang out with me in the room while they got me ready.  It was a nice distraction to hear them talking about everything except what was going on.  It was weird when a bed wheeled up next to my room.  The nurse came in and told me to hop on.  She covered me in lots of warm blankets and I was off.

Right before surgery.  Notice my nose.

Dr wanted me as warm as possible before surgery so he told me not to take my pj pants off.

Andy and I right before I was wheeled away.  Love you!!!

Super warm and cozy and ready.

 I sat outside the OR for a little while waiting for them to take me in.  Lots of people came and checked my wristband and talked to me.  I don't remember them wheeling me in the OR but I do remember hearing people talking and laughing as someone put a mask over me.  Next things I remember was opening my eyes for a few seconds and seeing my family all around me looking at me and then I was out again.  I slept for hours.  I remember being nausous and asking for meds.  They didn't work and I ended up throwing up all the blood that was in my tummy from surgery.  That was something I was really worried about before surgery.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I didn't hurt until after.  I ended up with a horrible headache.   I was glad it was just the one time and I was good after. 

Pic taken at 4:46pm.  Surgery started at 9am and they said I was in recovery for 1 hour.  Sooo out of it.  That oxygen mask was heaven sent.  It put out humidified air and helped my mouth not be as dry from hanging open.

These are the metal bracket things weaved between all my lower teeth.  Don't know why in my confused state I was so insistant on showing them.  Couldn't feel my lower half of my face at all.  Once side of my nose was a lot bigger because that is where they put the tubes.  Sorry for the super close up of my gross nose. 

The whole first few days were a blur.  It was so hard to get liquids in with the syringe and I was spoiled with the iv morphine and iv antibiotics.   One thing that I forgot to mention was that my throat was still numb for a long time after I woke up.  I tried to drink something and couldn't get it down at all.  I ended up just spitting it out and going back to sleep hoping the tightness would be gone when I woke up.

My face got more black and blue and swollen each day and my lips were huge and hurt so much.  I pretty much kept the lower half of my face covered in carmex.  I could feel a lot of my upper lip within hours of the surgery but my chin and lower lip were swollen like a giant worms. 

not happy at almost 4am.  I think this is after I got sick.  Look at my new nose.  :)

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