Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 28

Slept awesome again.  I guess this surgery is making me a morning person.  For years I loved to stay up until 2am.  I have been falling asleep super early every night this week and waking up ready for my day at 3 or 4am.  Haven't decided if I prefer to stay up later or wake up early. 

Today is the most normal I have felt since surgery.  I cooked for the first time in almost a month.  I made them french toast and eggs.  It felt so good to be doing my normal thing.  Making all that yummy food did make me want to eat it.  After I thought about it for a bit I realized I could try to eat it without chewing it.  I cut off all the crust, cut the french toast piece into tiny, tiny pieces and doused it in syrup.  It wasn't the same at all but it was totally worth the effort.  I basicly ate syrup soup with bits of bread in it.  lol. 

super yummy scrambled eggs with cheese and french toast/syrup "soup"

After my yummy breakfast I had my friend call and make an appointment to get my hair done.  Now that I have been taking pics of myself everyday I get to see how horrible my hair has been looking.  :)  I usually flat iron it and make it look cute.  I also usually wear makeup but I haven't cared lately.  I got a Brazillian hair treatment a couple different times and LOVED it every time.  It is like a semi permenant flat iron treatment that makes me not have to do anything to my hair to make it look good.  I was super nervous before I got to the salon.  I go to a local school to get it done because it is super expensive at a regular solon and 1/4 of the price at the school.  The only problem is this super weird girl I went to high school with goes to that school.  I saw her the last time I went for a trim before my surgery and I really hoping I wouldn't see her this time.  I was also nervous going to a huge school full of so many people and trying to act normal when I totally don't feel or look normal.  I tend to tell anyone that looks my direction that I had jaw surgery just so they don't have a chance to get that weird look on their face wondering what is up with me.  I decided to take a think scarf with me to hold in front of my mouth.  I would rather people look at me wondering why I'm covering my mouth than why I have this weird thing in my mouth and why I'm not closing my mouth.  :(  The sylist I got was super nice and she made me feel comfortable.  She did a great job but this process is rather long even for an experienced sylist and she took longer than expected.  I didn't mind because it was a nice change instead of being in my house or my mom's.  The only problem was the longer she took the higher the chances of me running into the girl from my high school.  I was pretty sure that girl was a night girl and I was getting into the night student hours.  When my sylist finished it was so much later than expected.  She walked me to the front to pay and I was almost to the counter when I realized that the girl I was hoping to avoid was walking right towards me. UGH.  REALLY!!??  I had my scarf in front of my face but I know she totally recognized me.  Weird since you could only see my eyes and hair and body.  She spun around in a circle and turned around and walked back the way she came.  I whispered to my sylist that I didn't want to see that girl and she rushed me into the shop part of the salon so I could pay in a different area.  Who knows if that girl is friends with my sylist but I hope not because I really don't want her to know what is going on with me at all.  She was not a nice girl in school and I'm sure she is just as pleasant now.   Sorry to sound so petty but it just seems that you run into poeple you are not a fan of at the worst times.  On a good note.... I LOVE my hair and I'm still glad I went. 

I started feeling itchy feelings in my lower lip and chin today.  I happened quite a few times and it was so weird to get this crazy itch come on and straching it wouldn't make it go away.  I heard this happens and hope it doesn't happen too often.  I also have been getting sudden painful pangs in select teeth.  It has happened on and off for awhile now.  I don't like it but my Dr said it is just my nerves trying to come back.

Look how smooth my hair looks.  :)

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