Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8

Today was nothing special.  My face is still fun to look at.  It is stiff and puffy.  I somehow burned my tongue yesterday and I was so uncomfortable with anything but cool liquid in my mouth.  I just drank juice and melted smoothies all day.  I also ran out of my special tissue that is awesome for my constant runny nose.  :(  Thank goodness my husband found me some more.  I feel my cheeks a little and my back upper molar is so not happy with where it rubs on my cheek.  I can feel that it must be ripping my cheek open.  One of the joys of braces.  My tooth feels kind of itchy too.  Don't know why.  Everytime I lift up my upper lip I see pieces of it that have blistered and peeled off.  Sorry for the gross visual but I'm trying to tell everything that is part of this process.  I also think I can see one of my stiches.  It is right in the middle of my upper lip and it looks like it is hanging there irritating my gums.  I took some close pics of the crazy metal sculpture going on below my lower braces.  It looks like a 2nd set of braces and goes across my entire bottom teeth. Forgot to mention that my surgeon negleted to tell me he was going to put this in my mouth before surgery.  My ortho tried to tell me he thought this was what my surgeon was going to do but I didn't know if he thought this was going to happen or knew it so I didn't worry about it at the time.  HA!  Not cool to wake up to.

See that!?!?  That is at my gum line!

This pic is probably closer than most want to see my mouth right now but I wanted to show what is really going on. Do you see what I think is a stitch?  It is that little rope looking thing on my top lip.   If you see any extra stuff on my braces that is there from surgery.  I can't get it any cleaner than this.  The middle of my upper lip keeps blistering and peeling off in chunks.  My teeth are fitting good in my splint and you can see at least one of the rubberbands.  Glad my lower lip is doing ok, knock on wood.  This is also a good pic of my splint.  You can see it barely goes over the bottom of my upper teeth and goes all the way down to my brackets on my lower teeth.  It is a super hard plastic that goes from back molar to back molar.
Stocked up when it was on sale for .03 cents each.  Woo hoo!  Good thing because I have already gone through 3 of them.

Awesome water bottle my husband found me for $3.  I can squeeze a little in my mouth and not drown.  Don't know why but I don't like water in the syringe so this is perfect.  These tissues are the best for the constant runny nose you get after surgery.  They are cool to the touch, like it says, and it helps.
Ok, I need to brag a little...
THIS awesome, wonderful set of a tube and a button on a wire is my own SUCTION!!
Yes, my husband is a genius and made me my own suction for the constant drooling problem that also comes with this process.  The blue part of the tube is thanks to my awesome Orthodontis, Dr Tagawa, but the rest if all my hubby.  Before my surgery I mentioned to my husband that I was really worried about the excess fluilds in my mouth part after the surgery.  This is something I was just venting about.  Never thinking there might even be the slightest chance that a solution was possible.  I was saying that I was thinking I might ask to stay in the hospital the max number of days my insurance would approve just for the suction tool I would get to use in the hospital.  I read scary stories of constantly having blood in your mouth and tasting it all the time.  I wanted to be sick just reading it. I couldn't imagine having to experience it.  I was shocked when he turned to me and said,
"I can make you your own suction."
WHAT!!!!  I asked if he was serious and he said, "I can make it tomorrow." 
There really isn't anything that my hubby can't do.  I'm a lucky girl.  :)
Here is the tube and wire going through the wall to the backyard.  It uses the hose outside to give me the suction.  He says it goes through 4 galloons of water a min.  I will post a pic of it outside later.  It takes whatever I suck in the tube out of the house and sprays it on the ground on the side of the house. 

Ok, here are the official Day 8 progress pics
No overjet!!  But look at that awesome bruise!!!


  1. Thanks for documenting your progress and sharing this. I'm a 36 yr old mom of 3 and looking at having the top done soon, after having the bottom done as a teenager. It's a lot overwhelming, but I appreciate you showing the recovery process with a big family to consider. I think I'll survive!

  2. Well thank you for taking the time to comment and thank me! I really appreciate it. :) sometime I wonder if anyone will see this and I'm so glad you did and that it might help you. As you know wih 3 kids, there is never a dull moment. This surgery out me ou of commission for awhile but I'm getting more and more back into mommy mode. Just make sure you get some naps in, even if that means making the house safe and putting a dvd on. Also, the hardest thing is being ok with your house exploding due to the boredom of your kids. Hopefully you can get some help there because I still am not up to cleaning the house due to totally exhaustion from the liquid diet. It will be a short period of survival mode and non of the chaos will matter later. Good luck!!


  3. Yes, thank goodness my husband will be home for 2 weeks, and my kids range from 3 to 12, so my oldest two can help a little. Thanks for the tips, and best wishes for a great recovery and results.