Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10

I finally was able to sleep last night.  Woo hoo!  Actually woke up to my mom calling at 10am.  Granted I didn't go to sleep until 2am but that is still the most sleep I have had at one time so far.  I ended up laying on my back with just one pillow.  If felt good and I'm happy I can do that now.  I still have a super dry mouth and am still needing a towel for a bib.  So fun.  The good news is that the swelling has gone down almost all the way in my mouth.  My cheeks feel less swollen but my lips, chin and the area between my nose and lip are still huge.  It feels more and more normal to keep my teeth together.  Just can't wait until the swelling goes away so my lips can close. 

My husband had to go to a memorial today for a good friend of ours.  I was sad that I couldn't go but I can't cry right now and I would definately cry if I went.  I spent the day with my mom and the kids at a hotel attempting to relax.  She was awesome and took the kids yesterday and today for a staycation so they could swim.  It was fun and I was happy to get to hang out with her and the kids.  The problem is that my mom always makes me laugh.  Little comments she makes make me crack up all the time.  Well, today she said something funny and I commented back and I didn't mean to but my comment back was really funny.  She and I started cracking up and I was in PAIN.  It was horrible.  It was worse than the other night.  I started crying because I was in so much pain and that made it hurt even worse.  Horrible doesn't even begin to describe it.  This ordeal ended up lasting what seemed like an eternity but it was probably 4 or 5 mins.  I couldn't calm myself down.  Andy and my mom where trying anything to help me but nothing worked until I was able to breathe through it.  Not cool.  I took some meds, put my ice pack on my face and took a nap and felt so much better.  There were a couple other times my mom was unknowingly starting to make me laugh but I would just look away and try to think super sad thoughts to try to stop it.  Normally I love hanging out with my mom but I think it might be dangerous to my face.  Ugh. 

One more thing to add on top of everything that has been going on with my mouth, apparently I have thrush on my tongue.  We were hanging out with our friend Rowena, who is a nurse, and I was telling her about my lack of appetite because of me somehow burning my tongue.  She started asking me questions and got a light and told me to stick out my tongue.  It was so swollen and I had a limited area I can even open it with my rubberbands.  She told me I had thrush and to call my Dr right away so he could tell me what he wanted me to do.  I had my husband call the office and they had an emergency number on the machine.  He said when he called it some guy answered the phone right away.  He thought it was my Dr's cell phone. My surgeon said getting thrush is really common with antibiotics.   Dr said to stop taking the antibiotic and come see him Mon.  Glad I already have an appt for Mon.  Stopped taking the antibiotics last night, when this all was discovered.  Today my tongue feels so much better.  It wasn't swollen anymore and didn't feel raw. Glad that is done with.  Wish I would have known that might be something to look for.  That was something I would loved to have fixed sooner.   I also broke one of the two rubberbands in my mouth.  It snapped on my lip and hurt so bad.  Now I only have one rubberband helping to take the pressure off my jaw.

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