Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 30 and pulled a stitch out

Boring day of laying around at home.  Zings in my lower lip and chin.  No ichy feeling today.  Only fun I had today was panic from accidentally pulling one of my stitches out.  It was soooo gross.  I ate shredded chicken with sauce on it this afternoon and I was looking in my mouth awhile after I brushed my teeth because I felt like something was stuck by my back left lower molar.  When I got a good look I saw what I thought was a string of the chicken.  I found out it wasn't.  Ugh.  I was trying to get it with my toothbrush and it wouldn't come out.  It looked like it was stuck between my back lower molars.  I couldn't grab it with my fingers so I got my tweezers out.  Ugh.  I got it with the tweezers and gently tried to pull it out.  I felt a light tug on my cheek as it was slowly being pulled out of my cheek.  Ugh.  I felt it tug, tug, tug as it was coming out of three different stitched spots.  Then I realized what it really was and felt sick.  I was still holding it with the tweezers and the string was still attached to my cheek when I yelled for my daughter to get scissors.  When she came I asked her to carefully hold the tweezers and I cut the string as close to my tooth as I could without pulling it out more.  I called my surgeon and he said it was fine.  Don't want to do that again.  I won't be pulling anything out with tweezers again.

My upper lip and the area above it is still more swollen than it looks.  This is what happened when I lifted my lip up to look at my gums at the stitches that are right in the middle.  See the line that is left from lifting my lip?



  1. Hi Jenn. Got my splint out today and it is such a relief. Lots of tugging and cutting ( the metal wires) and then its over and all you want to do is run your tongue over the roof of your mouth. My husband took me out for french onion soup since its all i've been craving but i think it's going to take a while to relearn how to chew because it felt quite weird. Especially since nothing is where it was originally lol. Hope you get yurs off sooner rather than later. You'll feel so much better.

  2. Woo hoo!!! Soooo excited for you!! Yes, I can't wait! I am a little nervous because mine might be a little more involved than yours since I have all those metal sculptures going on around all my lower teeth. My OS said he will have to numb my mouth to get those off. Ugh!! Not excited but I'm glad the splint wasn't a big deal to get off. Thanks for the update and the info on it being weird to chew. Looks like I might end up getting mine off the 10th, knock on wood. Can't wait. :)