Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6

The fun giant syringe I get to "eat" through.  Put a carmex, my new best friend, next to it so you can see how huge it is.  

Woke up still sucky in the morning but I started feeling more normal by the afternoon.  It was so weird.  Still had some pain in my face, drooling problem, dry top of mouth, sore throat but I felt 90% better than I had the past few days.  The day dragged on but I took a nap and watched lots of tv.  The kids came home but I still was hiding in my bedroom most of the day.  The day was pretty good until bedtime.  Everyone was asleep when I heard Reed throwing up.  UGH!!!!  Not cool.  Andy and my father in law cleaned him and his bed up and he went back to sleep.  I grabbed the Lysol and covered the house in a fog of the spray.  Hope that is all done but I'm not coming out of my room for another day until I feel safer about it.  

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