Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12

Still itchy, red and swollen on my neck and chest.  It is less than yesterday but still not cool.  I ended up taking a 3 hour nap from 6pm-9pm last night so I couldn't sleep at all after.  I had a headache so I took some Motrin and went to sleep. 

Today I went for my 2nd appt with my surgeon.  He said everything looked good but it killed my upper lip when he tried to move it.  I told him I thought the wires attaching my splint were bothering my upper lip and it was swelling more and hurt to move it at all.  He got some special tool out and held my lip out, ow!!!!!, and twisted the wire around above both my canine teeth.  It immediately felt better.  I asked him when my stitches might be falling out and he said usually around 2 weeks.  I also asked him how he decided if the splint came out at week 6, 7 or 8.  He said as long as I didn't chew anything and things keep going good I will have it out at 6 weeks.  Woo hoo!!  He also told me that I could eat anything that I can mash with my tongue, no chewing.  He suggested eggs, oatmeal, over cooked veggies, etc.  I hate cleaning my teeth when I eat eggs before surgery and I definately don't want to have to clean my teeth as long as I would if I had eggs now with all this extra stuff in my mouth.  I will wait on those, unless I get desperate.  :)  I also asked if I might swallow the stitches as they dissolved and he said yes.  Ugh.  Gross.  He said I may not even know if I do.  I also asked him how many stitches I had to know if I should be looking for a lot or just long ones.  He said there are 4 areas he stitched across my upper jaw but they were the whole perimeter of my upper jaw so there is a large area of stitches that will fall out.  He said each little part might dissolve at different times so it will look like a lot.  Ugh.  Andy dropped me off at home after the appt since today was his first day back to work after my surgery.  :(

I ended up hanging out with 2 of my friends that came over to help wrap my Angel Tree presents I needed to donate since I am drooling too much to not have a towel in front of me.  I figured it would be impossible to wrap anything without getting drool on it so I was happy they were available to do it for me.  :)  When they were done I ran to my room and took a nap since I barely slept the night before.  After my hubby got home from work I tried to eat stove top stuffing and it was not satisfying to put in on my tongue and swallow.  Not worth the huge effort it took to clean my teeth afterwards.  I think I'm ok with my liquid diet that is easier to clean.  If I can't enjoy it, it isn't worth it.  I can wait.  Asked Andy to blend me up some yummy progresso soup and drank my favorite juice, White Cran-Peach.  A good day, almost felt normal.... until I look in the mirror of course.  Soon it will all be over.

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