Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 20 and 21

Day 20

Slept horrible again.  My upper jaw is just so achy that I can't get comfortable and end up staying up all night.  Ugh.  I didn't go to sleep until 6am.  Luckily I woke up in time for my appt with my ortho.  But barely.  Woke up at 830am and tried to brush my teeth as good as I could with me still technically still asleep and delirious due to lack of sleep.  Threw my clothes on and ran out the door. 

I was nice to go to my ortho's office.  I was happy to see everyone at his office.  They are such a nice group and it was cool getting to show them how I currently look.  They know how long I have been waiting for this and they always make me feel like they genuinly care.  :)  My ortho told me that my range of motion is currently 26mm and that I need to come to his office as soon as I get my extra hardware and splint out of my mouth so he can make a mold of the roof of my mouth.  He is going to send rush orders to the lab to make me a bar that will go across the back of the roof of my mouth from molar to molar.  Not sure how long it will be there but I think I remember someone saying 1 or 2 years.  My surgeon and ortho said I need this to prevent my jaw from regressing. 

Went home and dived into my bed and slept until my uncle came to visit.  Had a nice visit with him and dived back into my bed for another nap.  Then I went to my mom's just to have a change of scenery.  My grandma made me my favorite pudding and we had a nice visit.  As soon as I came home I fell asleep.  I couldn't believe how tired I was.  I ended up sleeping from 8pm until 2am.  Ugh.  Can't wait until I can sleep normal again. 

Excuse the hair. 
This picture was taken by me at 2am after I woke up. 
I didn't plan on going to sleep so early so this pic was a little late.

Day 21

My chin feels different.  I used to be able to feel the top few layers of skin and the deeper layers felt squishy and numb.  Now it all kind of feels the same.  Not sure if it is all getting more feeling or more numb but it definately feels different.  When I gently rub my fingers across most of my face it has a light tingly feeling that hurts just a little bit.  Again, it is weird.  My face looks like the swelling is mostly gone but I can feel it is puffy all over my whole face starting under my eyes.  My nose used to hurt a lot to touch it but it is less painful to touch now. 

I was sooo ready to go anywhere that when Andy got home from work I asked him to go with me to my moms.  I forgot the extra pudding my grandma made me so I wanted to go pick it up.  We ended up stopping at Target to get something for my mom for Christmas and I decided to go in the store.  I haven't really been out in public much and I always have a washcloth in front of my face but thought I would try to go without it.  I was happy that no one really even looked my way.  I did find me putting my hand up quite often kind of blocking my face while we were there but I was trying to keep it down to not draw attention to me.  The only person that really looked at me was the cashier and I quickly said that I had jaw surgery and seemed ok with that.  then we went to Jamba Juice to get me a smoothie and I saw a store that was called Elbows Mac n Cheese.  I wanted to try it sooo bad.  Got my Jamba Juice after I told the cashier that I had jaw surgery and she nicely asked the guy making my drink to blend it really thin.  Then we walked over to Elbows and ordered their classic mac.  It had 4 cheeses and sounded yummy.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to eat it but I was going to try.  When we got to my moms house I mashed some of it up into little pieces and tried to eat a small amount.  It was awesome and I was totally able to "eat" it.  When I eat things that are not liquid I pretty much just put it on my tongue and swallow it.  Sometimes it doesn't want to go down all the way due to the lack of saliva I would mix with it if I was allowed to chew so I just squirt some liquid down my throat with my syringe and I'm good.  Had a nice visit with my mom and took my leftover mac n cheese and pudding home. 

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