Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 24

Different parts of my lower face keep twitching.  I feel a part of my lower lip quiver or a quick, dull pain in a tooth or a weird sensation in my chin most of the day.  Also, I didn't think my teeth were numb but now I'm thinking they were/are.  I just started feeling the left side of my lower teeth rubbing on my splint.  I never felt my teeth touching my splint but didn't realize I wasn't feeling it until I was super aware of my splint touching my teeth.  I close my bite and only feel it on my left side.  It almost feels like my teeth on the right aren't touching the splint at all but it is so huge that isn't possible so I guess that side is still numb.  Makes sense because the majority of the dull tooth pain I get is on the right so it is still trying to connect.

I took a super late, long nap yesterday so I ended up staying up all night.  My kids got up at 630am and I gave them a quick bath and we headed to my moms so I could take a nap and she could entertain the kids.  I had to do it all really fast before I started getting tired and wouldn't be able to drive.  It was really cold outside so I had to wrap the scarf my friend lent me around my face to keep my jaw joints warm.  It is not an attractive look but I don't care.  She took the kids out shopping and eating for 3 hours while I slept.  My grandma made me my favorite, milk gravy.  I could eat it all day.  Had a nice time relaxing.  When we got home the kids were quick to get in their beds since it is Christmas eve.  They are so excited for tomorrow and I can't wait to see it.  :)   Had to finish getting ready for Christmas by going to the 99 cents store to get little things for stocking stuffers.  I wore my adorable scraf disguise and I'm sure people thought strange thoughts about the way I looked but they were polite enough to not look my way.  I am totally cool with that.  Better go to bed because it is late and I'm going to have to get up in a few, short hours.  Merry Christmas!!!

My adorable disguise to keep me warm.

My kids ready for Christmas



  1. LOL on the whole scarf thing and your outting. Looking good Jenn sorry I'm just getting to reading up on all this. Today was my last day at work so now I have lots of time to catch up.

  2. Thanks Lucinda!! No worries. Glad you are done working so we can hang out again. :)