Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14

I am so tired of being in my house.  I took a shower and called up my mom asked her if I could come hang out.  As soon as my father in law brought my kids home from school I put all 4 kids in my van and drove for the first time in two weeks.  It was nice hanging out at her house.  My youngest, he's 2, started flipping out so I cautiously craddled him in my arms and started swaying him in my arms, humming him his favorite lullaby.  Turns out he wanted an extra nap and fell asleep in my arms.  When he was upset I was hoping he wasn't going to accidentally hurt my face.  Glad he fell asleep so fast and it felt good to be doing my mommy job again.  My grandma made me super yummy homemade beans and my mom mashed them up so they were liquid.  Sooo good.  My gums feel itchy more times than not now and I'm not a fan.  Felt kind of weak driving home but we got home ok.  Now my lower jaw feels heavy and my joints are hurting because it feels so heavy.  It felt icky enough that I took a vicadin and hope it goes away.  Almost forgot, I'm down 20 lbs now.  Will put my pic up tomorrow.

First attempt at driving.  Towel still needed.  See my son ready to get out of the car in the back.

Rocked my baby to sleep. 
 Love that he doesn't care about my drool problem, even when he is awake.  :)

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