Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18

I almost feel totally normal.  The drooling has drastically lessened.  Woo hoo!  I actually went out all day today and had a great time.  I sell something called Tastefully Simple and our group had a training today.  I really wanted to go but I was weary of being gone all day and hanging out with so many people looking and sounding the way I do.  Since I don't sleep well at night right now I take naps during the day and this wouldn't be an option.  Also due to my lack of calories I get tired easily. I didn't want to be drooling in front of all these people either.  Plus how would I talk or be heard in a room full of 20 people?  Since my drooling problem was improving I thought I would try.  I did feel uncomfortable "eating" in front of them.  They were cool enough to just pretend like nothing was going on when I sat there eating my corn chowder, wiping my face after every bite.  I tend to get a lot on my lips and chin and don't feel it due to the numbness.  I also pulled out my awesome syringe to drink my smoothie my friend Linda was sweet enough to buy for me.  Since I haven't really been out for almost 3 weeks I am not used to needing my purse or wallet.  Totally spaced on those when I was packing my bag for the day.  I brought some Kern's with me but I was happy to have the smoothie instead since it would have protein powder in it and the Kern's only had sugar.  This group of people are so awesome and I thought I would feel more comfortable exposing my fun with them. It was intimidating but I'm so glad I went. I was able to get great training and hang out with friends.  Other than the eating with an audience part I had a great time.  Happy to be out of the house and back to normal things even if it was only one day. 

When I touch my face I have feeling in the first layers of tissue but the deeper layers still feel dead.  It is weird to feel my face with my hand and only feel it a little in my head.  I barely needed a towel today because I only drooled a few times when I would get up or lean forward and forget to swallow.  I was slurping all day but the amount was so little in my mouth that I was able to contain it all.  My runny nose has started again.  Not sure if it is a cold or just my sinuses deciding they are still jacked up.  My swelling feels way better but my husband noticed that the area were my jaw joints are looks caved in.  Not sure if we didn't notice it before or if it is something new.  Can't believe it has almost been 3 weeks.  So happy to be this far already.

Sorry about the cute hair.  I fell asleep at 8pm and woke up at 1am ready for my day.  This picture was taken at 2am so technically it is day 19 but we will just pretend. :)  I just realized I didn't take any pics so I took them in my bathroom since my husband wouldn't be thrilled if I woke him up with the light in our room.  


  1. You have healed so well. It's amazing the see the transformation! Continue to pray that you will feel better and better!

  2. Thanks!! I need all the prayers I can get! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. :)

  3. I think I feel the outer layers of my lip and chin also but I don't really know how to describe it. It's like if I close my eyes and I gently rub my chin or lower lip, I do know I'm doing it because I can feel it but I don't have any sensory feeling or deep tissue. I can't feel the light tickle of my fingers if I brush over my lip or chin lightly like I do with my upper lip. So, does this mean what I'm feeling are the outer layers of chin or the deeper layers? I hope this means there is hope more feeling will return with time!